France – Paris

I was very fortunate to be able to spend december month in Paris, below you have my experience.

Paris was to me a surprise. I guess I had imagined this fashion and art mecca with french cafes, baguettes and squiggly balconies everywhere.

Going to Paris in december was supposed to be like a dream. Like being in a fairytale with the snow slowly falling and the christmas lights brightening up the city. And perhaps this was the problem for me – the sky-high expectations to then realize that the city of romance and beauty in my dreams was not as the same in reality. I was expecting glamour and style but instead I was faced with a dirty and busy city filled with stressed people.

Now don’t think that Paris is an awful place, walking in the old quartiers in Montmartre was a bliss. And the art, it is there but perhaps not in the same way I had imagined. Paris is an experience and I liked being there, walking around and looking back in time imagining the great people who once walked on the very same streets. Still, be careful not to expect Coco Chanel to walk out of a doorway nor to end up in the Paris as seen in the old movies. It is a breathing modern city – for good and for bad – with speed and development. You can however still catch glimpses of the old charm. I tried to capture  some of it on photo:

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