The power of forgiveness

Think about these words for a second: The power to forgive. Quite strong words that does something interesting to the concept of forgiveness.  First these words hint that forgiving can be a hard thing to do as it takes power to do it. But to me these words reminds of another thing – what a power it is to be able to forgive!

If you think about it, what is the result/consequence of forgiving. Some would say that forgiving jeopardize your honor and authority as if you were fine with whatever insult people throw at you. I would say that forgiveness means something totally different. To me forgiveness is a power to liberate both the person forgiving and the person being forgiven.  When you forgive someone you accept what has happened and move on and in the same time you get rid of anger and hard feelings. Anger and hard feelings do nothing at all to build you up. On the contrary these feelings break you down and fill you with more hate, pain and sorrow . In fact, the anger and disappointment (or whatever negative feelings you carry around) mostly harm yourself by stopping you from enjoying life and takeing away precious energy and time. Further these feelings also often affect your mood and way of behaving therefore also having an impact the people around you. It is a bad circle bringing the atmosphere down.

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die”

What then about my character if people think their actions won’t have consequences and that they can treat me how ever and still be forgiven? Note that forgiveness does not mean that what the person did was right or that you are not allowed to confront him or her. It does not mean that actions no longer have consequences.  Something I try to keep in mind though is that I am not the judge of this world. I believe in a just God and I believe that one day we will meet him and stand to judgment for the things we have done or not done. In this way i can try to rest and never judge anyone, as it is not my job to do.  This does not mean that I no longer care or that I will let people do whatever they want without saying anything, but still I am not there to judge but rather to help in getting back on track. I have a lot to answer to myself on that day. Therefore I am very thankful that the one who will judge me in the end, is the same who loved me to the point of dying in my place.

So the conclusion: Forgiving is a powerful tool. It can change your life in the sense of liberating you from anger and hate. It also changes the lives of the people around you giving us all peace and an opertunitie to start over and to do better. Forgiveness does not take away my honor, on the contrary, it is a power to be able to forgive. Further forgiveness does not take away the fact that all our actions have consequences, but keep in mind and ask yourself – are you the person to judge? And if you can not forgive, ask yourself why and if it is really worth carrying around all that sorrow and hate, that in reality just continues to hurt yourself the most of all .


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