Deciding what we choose.

I just looked over the stats of this blog and it surprised me to see that so many people have read it since I started. In this sense the world is quite small today and we can reach out to each other with tons of different messages. Think about the consequences of this for a second!

Reading the news I can sometimes wonder: Can people believe in justice and a good world when things are the way they are?  An eight years old girl forced into prostitution, how can she ever believe in the goodness of people or have hope for a better world? When people meet so much hate and hardship, how can they believe in the future and where will they learn to do good? In the end it comes down to us, each and everyone individually. We are the ones to show that the world still has goodness. It is up to you and me to show that little girl that there is still hope.

I sometimes think about my opportunities to change the world for the better and end up feeling mostly powerless. Who am I to make a change? Who am I to make a difference? Sometimes I draw a dangerous conclusion, thinking that what I do and what I write does not change anything nor make any difference. I am by no means famous with any greater influence. At the same time people are still effected by my presence – Sometime for the better other times for the worse. What I choice to do makes a difference to my direct surrounding but indirectly through what I write and how I influence other people in their decision-making.

If I am blessed with a safe and good life, if I am blessed with friends and family, if I am blessed with money and security – Who to inspire and believe if not me? If even I give up, then who will not? Being human is a big responsibility.

Now changing the world often seems like a pretty huge commitment. It’s one of those things that tends to be overwhelming and scare people more than they might confess. Just looking at it objectively it seems almost an impossible task, especially for one lonely human who sometimes don’t even take care of him/herself properly. How could I then dedicate myself to such a huge task as “saving the world”? It can almost feels like a bad action movie where you know that the things you see are way to unlikely – the happy finale with the superhero saving everyone is just too unrealistic.

Still I want to claim that this is the only possible way. If we can not show each other love and respect, then who can? If we do not save each other, then who will? Somewhere and somehow I will have to start with myself and my attitude. Do I help when I can help? Do I save when I can save? Do I give when I can give? Am I loving and kind?

We dream of peace and we imagine unlimited love. What we do is different. Do we expect kindness and love from others and most importantly, do we expect it from ourselves?

For me this will have to be a daily reminder. A reminder were I each day must remember to serve others and humble myself. To each day look at my surrounding and ask if there is anything I can do. Way too often I close my eyes and choose not to see. Too often I decide to ignore, counting on someone else to do what I should have done to help. Too often I rely on a system and on people to step in when I am not. At the same time I cry out over evil until I barely have any emotions left. I grow a stone face learning to ignore things even better and watch as the world goes darker. Who gave me the right to ignore? Who gave me the heart of stone? Was it not myself?

Why not decide to choose good every time…


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