Fairytale of fire

Shining in the darkness was a little ball of fire. Not very different from a firefly it flew over the earth looking for something, yet not knowing how little time it had to find it.

As the night went by the ball of fire flew by a big city, one much like Tokyo. The ball had of course no idea if the city in fact was Tokyo or not, but little did it matter.

The city was full of people with all sorts of different beauty, but most of them were too busy to notice this fact about each other.

Instead they focused so much on different problems around them, like bus schedules and timetables, what to wear or what not to wear, and if blueberries were healthier than pomegranate. Most of all they focused on themselves and issues concerning their own success and development.

The ball of fire looked closely with great interest and wondered if the people at all saw each other, or if they only looked at others to mirror themselves.  Trying desperately to see themselves through someone elses eyes, just to find out if there were any little detail that should be changed, most people forgot that they were looking at someone at all. And in the mist of confused people they learnt to look with their eyes but not at all to see.

This way the fire-ball managed to fly without at all being noticed. The blind looks of people often hit him but as no one saw him, little did it matter.

The fire-ball continued his journey through the crowded streets and noticed a second interesting detail about the people. They seemed to speak to each other with words that were empty and light. It was as if they were deaf to what was said, ignoring speech as the words approached them. The voices were so many and so mixed that no one knew what to care for. Instead people were hearing but not listening. The people learned to nod their heads appropriately and smile when required so that the conversations went on, still their eyes were empty and their faces plain and as if they had listened to nothing.

This way the fire-ball could come really close without no one hearing that he was around.

The fire-ball thought to himself: “How can people who do not see and do not hear still speak so loudly?”

Pain and sorrow overflowed the little creature and he no longer understood what he could do shining in the darkness. His light was not seen and his presence not noticed. Filled with frustration the little ball hurried to leave all the people and the city. In the rush he flew right into a little girl. She stopped and reached out her hand towards him. Confused he addressed her and asked “how can you know where I am, as you people do not see and you do not hear?”. The girl smiled and said “I feel you and your warmth”.

At the words of the little girl the fire around the ball grew and the heat of his little body spread around him. Little had he thought of his ability to spread warmth and make people feel. At that moment he realized how much the people longed to feel something. The whole city was dreaming about feelings and looking for warmth in their blind and deaf experiences of reality.

At that moment the ball of fire understood what he was looking for – a way to share his heat to a cold city. But just as he discovered his mission, time was running out. Because fire is passionate and warm it dies so quickly unless you keep on feeding it.  And the flames and the heat slowly faded to nothingness as the dust from the body of the creature spread with the wind along the streets in the night.


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