In 1989 a very curious and stubborn child was born. A child that would later think she knew everything and owned the world. It turns out she did not, but naively she still tries to claim it from time to time. Her name is name is Rebecka Cada, and Rebecka Cada that is me.

I grew up in Sweden and spent most of my life there.  With a great interest in music and science I ended up at a school in Lund that mixed the two.  I was also fortunate to, during my high school years, study my junior year in USA, CA – something I am deeply grateful for as it gave a foundation towards understanding this world a little better and becoming a world traveller.

After High school I studied Rhetoric and developed a great interest in communication.  This is one of my great passions, how to communicate and connect with people.

The year after I was offered a job in Czech Republic and decided to move. I worked as HR administrator for Accenture and tried out the life over in Prague. About a year later I decided that it was time to move on. I then moved to France where I worked as an Au pair in Brittany.

I am a Christian and this is one of the most important parts of my life. One day God met me and he has not left me since. A life with him has lead me into Theology studies at the university in Uppsala, Sweden.  Here I studyed to become a priest. Today I am back in the field of communications enriched with even more perspectives. Still nothing in life is for sure when you leave it up to God – you never know where it will lead you and what assignment you will get next.


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